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David Liles, Sponsorship Manager, Los Cabos International Film Festival

David Liles, Sponsorship Manager, Los Cabos International Film Festival

The Los Cabos International Film Festival promotes the dialogue and the cultural and commercial exchange of the North American film industry with the rest of the world. In addition to this, it has an industry platform in constant growth.

Los Cabos International Film Festival aims to positively contribute to the growth of global film culture, focusing primarily on Mexico, Canada, and the United States while supporting their filmmakers. Likewise, it collaborates with the encouragement and diffusion of cultural activities and tourism for Baja California Sur.

This year, they seek to continue promoting an encounter dedicated to exploring bold, reflexive and inspiring cinematographic proposals for international audiences. Each November, Mexican, American and Canadian strategic partners, as well as friends from throughout the world, gather to participate in a platform of cultural and commercial exchange of the film scene in the beautiful Baja California Sur backdrop. 

Explained David, “Since 2015, Del Cabo Event has been part of the image and experience of the Festival, designing our backstage, dinners, and parties. Thanks to the synergy made with the brand, the Festival has created an ambiance that has been applauded by its visitors. 

Since Del Cabo Event Design joined our Festival, they became a fundamental key in establishing the Festival style and personality in every event, something that is recognized not only by our guests but also by the national and international press.

Del Cabo Event Design is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious brands in Mexico, and we are proud and thankful for their extensive collaboration to our Festival.”

Well, it appears we have a mutual admiration society, as we love supporting such a prestigious organization that never fails to showcase the stupendous culture and talent here in the Baja!

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