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From Mick Jagger to Bollywood, Los Cabos has a Production Company that knows its stuff!

From Mick Jagger to Bollywood, Los Cabos has a Production Company that knows its stuff!

Some events utilize few services beyond the venue, planning, decor, florals and photography. Other events are planned with more elaborate settings and special services requiring experts in custom production design & technology such as architecture, staging, lighting & effects, lasers, acoustics, custom decoration, constructing large tents, installations and a number of other specialized services.

New corporate event planners sometimes have no idea what is involved in these comprehensive services, so our Managing Director, Arianna Ocampo sat down with Ricardo Olvera Arellano, Event Project Manager at VVR PRO, The Event Production House. As usual, we turn to the absolute best vendors when we want to inform our clients!

Arianna: How long have you been working in this industry?

Ricardo: The company, VVR PRO, The Production House, and I, have been working in this industry since 1996.

Arianna: What types of productions do you do?

Ricardo: Well, at VVR production company we work for social and weddings but also, we have experience in corporate groups and entertainment events. So, we are a company that combines a lot of experiences for an event, so we try to make an integration of different points of view to access every event. That is our process, it is the design. I mean the possibilities are endless. We never do the same event always, every one is different.

Arianna: What is the definition of your special effects?

Ricardo: Wow, special effects. Well, special effects, if you go to a night club you will see lasers, you will see some beam lights, you will see some sparkling, you will see mapping on some walls. So, we try to bring those technologies sometimes to our event. We perform laser shows, we perform fogging ambiances. We try to combine many technologies. Right now, we have been exploring for example, the interaction with mapping surfaces. Just as if you go to some museum somewhere in some city and you touch the wall you see it can have some interaction. Right now, technologies are growing so fast that we can bring some of the technologies that you see abroad, bring it home. But it takes a process, and you need a great client with a great vision for his event to adopt this technology. We are growing, we want to do more special effects for our events.

Arianna: How do you show your proposals to clients? Do you have a special software program or how do you show the client your vision?

Ricardo: Well to be honest we do a lot of sketches. Our process is very interactive. So do a lot of repetition going on back so we explore it and we show the client our sketches to let him know that we focus on his project, on his requirements. And once we have the last sketch idea then we make a 3D model, or we do a combination of photograph. We grab the technologies to make the best visual model so the client can comprehend our idea. Sometimes we work directly on the shop to make a physical model of our vision and we send it to our client. So, it depends on the relationship with the client to understand what he/she needs to understand and comprehend.

Yes, and we take pictures. We try at some events, when we do something that it is out of normal, we try to make a memory of that experience. At the end it is the client’s vision that we try to re-create.

Arianna: How many staff do you usually have on site at events?

Ricardo: It depends on the period of time that we have to work. Usually we have 15 people. When we need to do something very quick, we bring all of the staff and focus directly on that task. But sometimes we do it with 8 people, sometimes we do it with 4 people, it depends on type of project we are working. There have been sometimes we have had 40 people working on an event to have it delivered in 24 hours. Our company has great staff and we organize with our people to give them the power to make the decisions and to work on a project, but everything has to be scheduled in order to do that.

Sometimes we try also to bring in the meetings; in the focus meetings we bring the people from the hotels, or clients, the DMCs, and we try to understand all the requirements so we can bring them like on a canvas worksheet, and we can start making notes and taking priorities so that everybody can be happy or at least avoid a crisis.

Arianna: How do you stay up to date with the new technology and trends?

Ricardo: One of Victor’s, (the owner of the company) his main hobby is travelling. So, he travels, I like to travel too. But sometimes he looking for crazy place, going to Las Vegas, going to Mexico [City], travel to some other places and he brings all the trends. And also, we try to keep an eye on internet to look for trends. Nowadays, everything is very visual, and we have it here in our hand. And also, with friends. Discovering what they are doing abroad and bring those things here. And you know we grow a lot with our clients. They are the ones who push us beyond what we know.

Arianna: So, by that do you mean, if a client asks for something that you don’t currently have the experience, you will learn how to do it?

Ricardo: Yes, and we have the time to do it. Sometimes it only takes you a night to build something or to stitch something. Because we are very creative, we try to make notes and make sure we understand what they want so we try to make it quick.

Arianna: Do you have any unusual or funny stories about things that have happened at events in the past?

Ricardo: Oh my god, yes! I have many, but one of the main stories that Victor tells, is when he was in the production of tour for the Rolling Stones, that was back in the 2000’s. His on-stage cameragrapher he got injured. So, having no one, he had to take the camera and start recording Mick Jagger. He was the producer and he left everything and get on the stage. And that is how we have to be, and he tries to tell us to be very reactive.

There was one time, well many times, with a few weddings, that we developed the project. The project budget was very limited. So, we try to make, it was a Hindu wedding. So we try to make it satisfy all of their requirements, the color of the fabrics, the site of the dance floor, we adjusted so much the floor plan to make every guest be comfortable but also to make all the elements, the decorations to stand up. It was because the family start performing their dances, in these Hindu / Asian weddings they do a lot of choreography. The mom of the bride was very happy with all the decoration that she grab me and took me to the dance floor and asked me to dance with her. And I like it! And after that, I saw a guy who was staring at me and I knew he was the father of the bride. I was so embarrassed and shy, and he came and said, "You are a good replacement of me, I’m happy." And I was like, "Oh, thank you!" It was very unusual for me, but I liked it.

Arianna: How would you say your company stands apart from other companies in Cabo and beyond?

Ricardo: We try to be very creative, to be very open mind. We try to understand our clients needs, also their problems. Sometimes they want to make something very big and we face things very real, but we try to make it as possible as we can. And we take all of our resources, we bring our best staff to let them know them who are performing, we bring the technologies they need, we try to go beyond. Every time it is different, but the focus is the client. Sometimes we need to be very assertive about what is the best thing to do and why we do it is because we like to be very real, very trustworthy, we like to be their friends but also to be the one they can rely on. So, I think that is our human factor, or human approach. I think that is what we stand for. Because technology and resources, we have them, but how we can relate to them is what we stand for.

Event Production Lighting DO's

  • Choose nice and cozy perimeter lighting.
  • Lighting for dinner must be: Food with real colors. The guest has to see his interlocutor [conversation partner's] face during the chat.
  • No direct lighting on guests faces.
  • No cables or electric devices on access areas or service areas.
  • Always think of security of guests as priority.

Event Production DON'TS

  • Do not use carpet on beach installations!


It’s amazing how much planning, creativity and safety practices go into the world of production.

If your upcoming event requires amazing production services, you want to ensure you work with only the best to ensure the safety of your guests, but also get the biggest WOW reaction possible!

If you have any questions about having a Los Cabos event , reach out to us. For more information event production services in Los Cabos, contact or join them on Instagram at @vvrproductionhouse or Facebook @VVRPRO.

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