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Style Trends: Baja Style

Style Trends: Baja Style


The event designers and architects at Del Cabo Event Design are more than a little obsessed with event style trends. One hot decor trend we are rocking these days is Baja Style.

Here are a few of the questions we've had about this exciting event design trend.

Is Baja In California? Or Mexico?

It's a bit confusing, since the peninsula of Baja, Mexico, is called Baja, California, in Mexico!

Those who are lucky enough to experience the drive down the zig-zagging highway of the Baja Peninsula will see that it features an eclectic mix of terrains. Most notable are the numerous breathtaking and pristine beaches along both the Pacific coastline and the Sea of Cortex coastline. There are dizzying mountain range passes, untouched arroyos and seemingly endless valleys. The astonishing array of cactus varieties comes as a pleasant surprise. There is never a dull visual moment on the Baja.

Or an experience moment, for that matter. Adventurers come to surf, swim with Whale Sharks, kayak, sail, scuba and free dive, snorkel, kite surf, parasail, and even explore ancient caves.

Is Baja Style the same as the Mexican Fiesta style?

You could call Baja style the fresh new cousin of Mexican fiesta style. It draws inspiration from bojo, rustic, and sixties-surf styles, with touches of Mexican culture in the decor.

The Baja boasts some of the best surfing in the world, well known and visited since the sixties. Picture Volkswagen vans topped with longboards camped on a beach, Mexican blankets, Navajo patterns and Bojo macrame hangings. Don't forget cultural touches such as Day of the Dead skulls and paper flags, properly called Papel Picados.

Our Del Cabo Design wizards work with color palettes that include aqua, sand, ivory and taupe with the odd pop of red, yellow and the currently trending emerald.

How can this look be used?

Baja style works fabulously on tables with linens, dinnerware and accessories. Bring in wicker furniture adorned with macrame. Picture those famous cactus varieties in potted florals. The rest of your decor will flow like a beach wave!

Use the style on alfresco terraces, poolsides, beachfront cocktail setups & bars, lounge areas, dinner and dance spaces.

What on-site activities pair with Baja Style?

A planner can even incorporate this relaxed style into event activities. Consider beach horseback, bonfires with guitar players and sixties music, frisbee, corn-hole or horseshoe tosses, and other retro beach fun. Nowadays, turtle releases can often also be arranged. And don't forget the photo booth, complete with the VW Van and surfboard background...

Baja Style is popular with baby boomers who celebrate the nostalgic memories it evokes, as well as younger generations who adore this throwback mood, in all its laid-back glory.

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