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Why Choose Sun, Sand, and Sea for your Destination Wedding?

Why Choose Sun, Sand, and Sea for your Destination Wedding?

Why Choose Sun, Sand, and Sea for your Destination Wedding?

Consider that 25% of all US weddings that take place are destination weddings.  Consider that 9 out of 10 couples say the weather is the key factor in choosing that destination. Let's talk about why sunny Los Cabos is an excellent choice for your dream wedding.

Perched at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, "Cabo" (as it is popularly referred to) is a picturesque beach destination featuring dozens of the most photographed beaches and resorts in the world. If gentle sea breezes, breathtaking backdrops and mesmerizing sunsets don't spell romance, nothing does.

The pace of life is less hectic in Los Cabos, and local wedding planners know every venue, hotel and detail intimately. Their connections to the local industry, command of both languages, and negotiation skills take away all the guesswork and expedite the entire wedding planning process. 

For a bride planning her beach destination wedding, enjoying both the planning and the magical day, stress-free, is a win-win!

No stress and a perfect dress

Everyone knows a bride's wedding dress makes a statement about her personality and how she feels about her glorious wedding day. Whether you want to feel sexy, elegant, rustic, or sophisticated - a flowy beach wedding dress will cover all bases. Both ethereal and comfortable, you will feel free to enjoy the ceremony and party.

Los Cabos is a wedding destination with endless summer breezes and deep blue skies. It's no surprise Cabo is a favored destination for jet-set weddings where freedom is favored over formality.

Sun and Sunsets

Special events and especially weddings are made that much more meaningful with stunning sunsets. Most couples don't like to risk that chance and want to rely on a destination wedding location where the sun never fails.

An expert wedding planner knows how to use the perfect natural lighting given by the sun to create a romantic and vibrant atmosphere. 

The Sea Will Call Your Name

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east, your oceanfront Cabo wedding ceremony will feel timeless and inspired. 

The hypnotic beaches and rocky cliffs of Cabo provide a subtle and harmonious landscape of peace, contrast, and depth that you won't find anywhere else in the world. 

An environment worthy of your celebration

Your wedding is THE event of your lifetime, a treasured moment that you want to share with the people closest to you, your most cherished family and friends. 

After all, life is about creating treasured, forever memories. Part of inspiring those memories means creating a perfect atmosphere for them to take place in. 

A destination wedding in Cabo offers the opportunity to pledge your deepest love to your partner in a mind-blowing location and during a perfectly curated, magical event.

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