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Impress Your Guests with the Delights of the Sea: A banquet from the bottom of the sea

Impress Your Guests with the Delights of the Sea: A banquet from the bottom of the sea

When it comes to a wedding, food serves one of the central roles of the celebration. It is one of the characteristics that can enhance your wedding or leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouth.

If you want to have your guests stay as long as possible with a delicious aftertaste and a hunger for more, approach the experts who will create the perfect menu to delight even the pickiest of palates.

A beach wedding opens the door to create a delicious seafood menu that will leave everyone with their jaws hanging and mouths dripping in awe.

Tasty Mexican snacks from the sea

When it comes to food, most weddings focus on a three-course meal, but with the sheer amount of variety to choose from, you can have as many courses as your guests can handle when it comes to Mexican seafood.

One of which is ceviche, the perfect snack to have on each table. This delicious Mexican dish has been gaining worldwide fame thanks to its delightful and fresh flavor. 

It’s a light snack that can calm down hungry stomachs while being light enough to leave room for the next course. 

Seafood tacos

You might think that tacos are not exactly an elegant meal for a wedding, but an expert chef and a master wedding planner can create a feast worthy of kings with seafood tacos. Easy to eat with first-class flavors, they will get everyone telling their friends about the experience.

Mexican cuisine is wide enough to create extensive options for every guest. 

Your tacos can be filled with anything: shrimp, any variety of fish, crab, salmon, lobster or octopus, and combined with many other ingredients. 

These can be elegantly presented to suit any style of wedding. 


This is a Mexican delicacy that not too many know about outside of Mexico. 

It is made with shrimp cooked in lime juice and spiced with chile chiltepin. It is then marinated with cucumber and onions. 

The result is a spicy and tasty delight that makes your mouth water. 

It can be accompanied with tortilla chips to be served as an entrée, or it can be prepared as a main course. 

Zarandeado fish

This famous dish from the state of Nayarit is made from snapper that has been marinated with chilly, lime juice and soy sauce. 

Its name comes from the utensils that are used to make it. It is cooked between two metal paddles called “zarandas” in Spanish. It is grilled and smoked with mangle and palm wood which gives it an exotic and unique flavor. 

Seafood barbecue

The Mexican coast is famous for throwing delicious seafood barbeques. 

It’s an excellent choice to give your guests a choice on the ingredients that they like or prefer. 

A Mexican seafood barbecue can include salmon, tuna, sardines, octopus, shrimp, lobster and other ingredients that you like. You can even offer a vegetarian option for you guests that include pineapple, mushrooms and coconut meat.

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