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How to choose the perfect invitations for the big day?

How to choose the perfect invitations for the big day?

The invitations are an important part of your wedding event. They’re the introduction of what is to come, a preview of what to expect and an outlet to send a message to your guests. 

Ordinary wedding invitations tend to be plain-looking and include basic information about where the event will take place. But an extraordinary event requires an extraordinary invitation to get hearts beating, to create excitement and move your guests’ emotions.

The perfect wedding invitation is a lot more than basic information about your event, it’s the introduction of your future life as a married person. 

Now comes the intriguing part, how to choose the perfect invitations for the big day?

  1. Keep your theme in mind

Before you design your invitations you need to choose your theme. This will mark the style of the details and the overall look of your wedding, your invitations included.

Once you have the theme, think outside the box to style your wedding invitations accordingly. 

2.    Choose the right material

When you think of wedding invitations the first material that comes to mind is a paper sheet and a paper envelope. Nevertheless, you have an almost unlimited amount of different materials that can be used to create original wedding invitations. 

You can have them carved on wooden sheets, printed on canvas, or you can say it on a cookie. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. 

3.    Be original with the information

Where the wedding is taking place is important, as well as the date. But there’s a lot more you can say to ignite interest in your wedding ceremony and reception. 

You can create a fun video of your lives, an entertaining newsletter or a short recount of you and your partner’s dating history. Include a message that says more than just information, create a message that says love, fidelity, strength or humor. 

4.    Funny and simple


Photo source: BoredPanda

If you want something extraordinary yet simple, you can go for a simple photo-shoot with the basic information. 

This couple went all the way in creativity to spark laughter and get the message across when the wedding is taking place. 

5.    Send something they’ll enjoy

Photo source: BoredPanda

It’s incredibly good news when two people have found each other and want to share the rest of their lives together. But it’s even better when you can enjoy the news with a yummy treat. 

You can send your guests a small treat they’ll enjoy while reading your wedding invitations. You can choose candy, macaroons, cookies, brownies and the list can go on. 

Choose your favorite treat and share it with others. 

6.    Make it eco-friendly

Photo source: BoredPanda

You can tell your guests to save two dates:

1.    One for your wedding

2.    The other for when you all get together to plant the baby trees you gave them with your wedding invitations. 

This is the best way to start your married life in a healthier planet. You can send you wedding invitations on small bases with baby trees, then set a date for a gathering to plant them together. 

Imagine how many new trees would flourish thanks to your wedding!

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