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Inspiring Wedding Decorations from the Bottom of the Sea

Inspiring Wedding Decorations from the Bottom of the Sea

The ocean is the most enigmatic ecosystem on planet earth. It hides ancient treasures, unknown sea creatures, colorful reefs, and the world's largest mammal, the breathtaking blue whale. 

The exquisiteness of our oceans has inspired famous stories, books, poems, and songs. The beauty of its creatures and the mystery of its secrets are an endless source of inspiration for artists worldwide. Amongst them, wedding planners, who can create a mesmerizing ocean exploration as the theme for a dream wedding.

When you think about wedding decorations from the bottom of the sea, the first thing that comes to mind is fish, shrimp, and coral reefs. Nevertheless, these are only the most common ocean species that we are familiarized with. 

In reality, the bottom of the sea offers–as mentioned before–an endless amount of inspiring species and elements for wedding decorations. 

Keep reading and discover creative and inspiring wedding decorations from the bottom of the sea. 

Jellyfish centerpieces

Jellyfish are mysterious creatures that swim across oceans undetected. Their see-through texture makes them almost invisible when in the water. Even though they can create fear in swimmers, we can’t deny that their minimalistic shape and body make them beautiful creatures. 

An extraordinary way of bringing a different ocean-atmosphere to your wedding is by incorporating different sea animals into it. Such as these beautiful jellyfish centerpieces, which can also work as chandeliers if you insert candles inside. 

Seashell bouquet and decorations

Seashells are one of the most common sea elements used as ocean-related decorations. However, when designed and chosen by an expert, they can look extraordinarily beautiful, such as this gorgeous bridal bouquet. 

“Lost at sea” wedding favors

A creative way of adding a touch of excitement and mystery to your wedding favors is by designing a “Lost at Sea” vibe. With paper messages in bottles or bottles filled with the sand of the beach where your wedding takes place.

As part of the venue decoration, candle lanterns can be used to create a soft-light atmosphere that resembles castaways lost at sea on a beautiful beach.  

A blend of elements

An expert wedding planner knows how to artistically blend different elements to create an elegant and tasteful ocean-atmosphere. 

The color scheme is also important to help each element stand out, such as in the image shown above. Where the brown-colored fishnet helps the white starfish and the blue plates stand out. Generating a harmonious overall ocean look. 

Under the sea

If you want to go all-out and create a full under-the-sea-experience, a wedding planner can help you design a style where structures can be added and created to give your event the full experience of being under the sea. 

Different elements can be designed, such as bubbles, mermaids, coral reefs, waves and of course, the lightning. The lightning can be specially designed to give a relaxing ocean ambiance of tranquility, mystery, and romance.

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