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Natural bridal bouquets

Natural bridal bouquets

Flowers are the natural splash of color that our planet has given us and that greatly delight our sight. Trees are majestic, the grass is relaxing, oceans are breathtaking, but flowers are eye-candy that inspires our imagination and makes us feel more feminine.

When it comes to completing your wedding attire for your special day, you want every inch of fabric, every accessory and every detail to be authentic and have a meaning, just like the love you have for your significant other. 

Your flower bouquet should be the touch of magic that enhances your wedding dress and overall look, and natural is always best. 

If you were doubting if you should opt for a natural bridal bouquet the answer is easy, go for the natural splendor of authenticity. 

Here we will show you spectacular natural bridal bouquets that will enrich your bridal attire.

Natural Elegance

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Going natural doesn´t always mean having to go lower on the elegance spectrum. There are breathtaking designs that blend the flowers in an elegant manner to keep your bridal bouquet fresh, natural and elegant. 

It’s about using the perfect tone for the foliage and the flowers to create an elegant and natural combination. Your wedding planners can give a wide range of options that work within your desires. 

Boho Chic

Photo Credit: Ohbestdayever

If you want an inspiring, chic and sophisticated bridal bouquet, there’s a way of making it delicate and relaxed while keeping it girly and groomed. The trick rests in keeping the foliage in pale green and musky colors like eucalyptus, mums and hypericum berries leaves. 

A wedding planner is the expert in giving you choices of flowers and foliage that blend perfectly together. 

Minimalistic Glam

Photo Credit: Quickcandles

If you prefer something more minimalistic while keeping your bouquet natural, choose tulips or gannets. These long petal flowers bring the ultimate glamour to your bouquet, keeping it simple, minimalistic and fresh. Wedding planners know exactly which flowers should be included in the bridal bouquet for a minimalistic style, while adding your personal taste in it. 

The perfect option for the glamorous bride that wants to keep the spotlight on her, while keeping the bridal bouquet as a side accessory. 

Colorful Splash

Photo Credit: Theroseshed

It’s a cheerful day, so why not express your joy with your bridal bouquet. 

If you’re wearing a mostly white bridal attire you might want to add a bit of color to create a harmonious contrast. A colorful bridal bouquet can do wonders to enhance the white color of your dress while adding a vibrant splash of color. 

You can work with your wedding planners to create the perfect color palette for your bouquet, even blending it with the theme of your wedding. 

Pretty in pink

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Most of us dream of the magical day of our wedding since we are little girls. Imagining the perfect pink bouquet made with delicate and delicious flowers that resemble candy. 

A cute and pink bouquet can create the perfect feminine look while maintaining a dichromatic color palette.

You don’t have to go all out on the color or have a minimalistic bridal bouquet. You can create the perfect pink bouquet that smells like roses and peonies. Peonies, in particular, can add an extra touch of femininity and glamour. Ask your wedding planners to guide you through the endless amount of perfect pink flowers, to create the perfect pink bouquet for you. 

You can ditch the green and go all pink. 

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