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Best Activities in Cabo for Your Wedding Guests

Best Activities in Cabo for Your Wedding Guests

Having a destination wedding is one of the grandest luxuries a couple can give themselves, and by luxury, we’re not just talking about traveling. We are talking about the experience of having your close friends and family with you for a trip that will mark the beginning of a new era in your life. 


This is why it is fundamental to have the best wedding planner in Cabo, so you can make the most of your time with your loved ones while a wedding planner takes care of everything else for you. 


Traveling with the people that you love is one of the biggest treasures you can have in life. It’s a way of forging magical memories that will last a lifetime.


So make the most out of your destination wedding by enjoying these activities with your friends and family. Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone.


Get inspired in the golf course


One of the most enigmatic places to play golf in the whole world is Cabo San Lucas. 


Here you will find a mesmerizing contrast between the ochre-colored desert, the clear blue ocean and the bright green color of the golf course. 


Even if you’re not a fan of golf, this is an activity that you can’t miss. It is a relaxing and inspiring natural environment that is amazing on the eyes and relaxing for your mind.  


Discover the beauty of the sea with a snorkeling trip


Cabo San Lucas’ privileged geographical location offers vast marine biodiversity. From sea turtles to whale sharks, the Sea of Cortez offers a beautiful glimpse into the life that lives beneath the surface. 

The Baja California Peninsula still has several untainted spots where you can fully grasp raw and natural marine environments that are untouched by man’s hand.

The peninsula hosts the most pristine clear waters with living coral reefs, eels, sea lions and endless colors of tropical fish. 

 To preserve the purity of the ocean and the livelihood of the coral reef it is recommended to use an all-natural, biodegradable reef-safe sunscreen. 


Relax at the spa


All the preparations, traveling and excitement can take a toll on your stress levels. Every bridal party deserves a day at the spa with rejuvenating treatments, relaxing massages and VIP treatment. 


Plan a day to lay back and be pampered by beauty and relaxation specialists that will turn back the clock on your skin and replenish your energy levels for the big event. A spa day is also a great way to spend quality time with your female guests; a girls-only day focused on the bride and all things feminine. 

Your wedding planner is the best person to organize a Marie Antoinette-worthy day of beauty.  

A yacht excursion


Discovering other areas of the Baja California Peninsula can be a luxurious experience you won’t want to miss. Your wedding planner can advise you on secret spots you’ll want to discover. 


You can rent a yacht and crew for a day to give you and your guests an exclusive excursion around the Baja California Peninsula’s best secret bays and areas that are normally hidden away. Grab a hold of the opportunity to explore beyond the touristic places, and immerse yourself in an adventure worthy of National Geographic’s envy. 

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