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Things to consider for the day of your event

Things to consider for the day of your event

Organizing a corporate event in a city different to yours can easily turn your brain into mash potato. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting all the little details that make your event stand out and make it unforgettable for all the right reasons. This is why it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals and hire corporate event planners in cabos.

Hire corporate event planners in cabo

First thing’s first. You need to hire corporate event planners in cabo who have the expertise to take the work off your hands and guide you through the recommended venues, catering, decorations, music and so on. 

Have a checklist with you

There will be multiple details that will cross your mind, make sure that you have a list with you where you can write doubts, concerns or ideas that you want to discuss with your corporate event planners in cabo. 

It will make it easier when having a conversation and you can quickly draw out your checklist and bullet points.

Admission protocol

You don’t want party crashers at your event, you want your attendees to feel important and excited. As you know, first impressions are crucial, the first impression that your guests will have is the one at the entrance. Make sure there’s an admission protocol in place that will allow attendees a quick entrance, and avoid queues. 

Photos and Video

Photos and video are not just important at weddings, but also at corporate events. 

In a world that is becoming more engaged with visual image, it’s important that you have appealing content to post on social media channels. 

Everyone with a smartphone can take pictures and video, but only a professional can really focus on what’s important. 


You can’t predict the weather, you can get a rough idea of what the weather is like on a certain time of the year, but not exactly what it will be like on the day of your event. 

Have a Plan B if it’s raining season and you´re having an outdoor event. It will give you peace of mind if the weather starts getting cloudy, and it’s also a type of insurance in case the weather gets rough.


Planning a fabulous corporate event doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time! Discuss with your corporate event planners in cabo the size of your event and your desired date for the event. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s possible. 

Remember that on the day of the event you must arrive before all the attendees to make sure that everything is how you want it. You have a team to take care of the details for you, but it’s still important that you’re on top of things in case there’s a change to be made. 


Everyone loves free drinks and food, which is why party crashers are not uncommon. Having security in place will enhance the privacy of your guests, keep attendees safe, prevent any brawl and maintain the peaceful flow the event.

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