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The Best Places for Your Wedding in Los Cabos

The Best Places for Your Wedding in Los Cabos

Great! You’ve chosen the location for your wedding, now it’s time to choose the place.

It was a smart move choosing Cabo San Lucas for your destination wedding. Los Cabos has a large variety of amazing and inspiring places to host your reception. Regardless of the theme and size, there is a special place waiting for you. Cabo San Lucas wedding planners can help guide you through the best places in town. 

Cabo San Lucas wedding planners are pretty much like genies; they make your dreams come true. You just have to ask for your wish and they’ll deliver above and beyond your expectations. 

So… what’s the best place for your wedding in Los Cabos? Keep on reading an explore some of the possibilities to make your wedding a fairy tale event.  

Four Seasons Los Cabos

Few hotels hold such a prestigious position in the world of travel like the Four Seasons does. If you’re seeking beautiful architecture, perfect location, privacy, flawless service and to delight yourself in an environment that has been carefully curated to satisfy your every need, the Four Seasons is the place to be.

This world renown international luxury resort company is well known for gathering an upper-class market who are in search of a home far away from home when it comes to exploring new destinations. 

The Four Seasons Hotel has also been a favorite location for mesmerizing wedding receptions. Where Cabo San Lucas wedding planners will go above and beyond to make every celebration an event that you will cherish a lifetime. 

Solaz, A Luxury Collection Resort

An architectonic masterpiece, that mixes granite, marble, and wood that intertwine perfectly with the vegetation, natural atmosphere and the terraces facing the ocean. This luxury resort rests on 34 acres of prime real estate in the sought-after coast of the Sea of Cortez. 

It’s been beautifully designed to create the perfect atmosphere for an elegant, yet bohemian wedding. 


With 128 rooms, Solaz A Luxury Collection Resort is the ideal place to host an exclusive reception for your special day. 

The Resort at Pedregal

For the luxury seekers who prefer exclusive locations for their special day, there’s the five-star hotel The Resort At Pedregal. With 113 rooms is a “smaller” hotel, than the mega resorts commonly advertised in Cabo. 

This cozy hotel is built in between the mountains, overlooking the ocean, with jaw-dropping landscapes and beautiful architecture. A magical place to have your wedding and your honeymoon. 

Chileno Bay Resort and Residences

With a contemporary design and located in an exclusive location. This magnetic resort offers a relaxing, yet inspiring atmosphere to create the perfect wedding reception. 

The hotel is built by spreading out the hotel rooms throughout the property, avoiding the crowded feeling of a large tower, commonly associated with resorts. It’s been delicately designed to provide privacy and a more natural atmosphere, without sacrificing luxury and elegance. 

The scenery provides a magical experience for the wedding ceremony, as well as for the reception.  A striking landscape composed by the dark blue ocean, merging with the mountains and the ochre color of the sand, providing a peaceful feeling. 

Talk with your Cabo San Lucas wedding planners to create a personalized reception suited exclusively for you. 

Nobu Los Cabos

This minimalistic hotel has been enigmatically designed to blend in with the natural background while creating a sophisticated architecture that delights the guests without over saturating their senses. 

With 200 rooms, and amenities for children, golf, a culinary garden, and spa. Is the perfect place to enjoy a family friendly wedding reception, where even your pet is very much welcome. 

Yes! You read that right, this is a pet-friendly hotel. So be sure to bring its little tux or dress. Cabo San Lucas wedding planners can help you include your pet in your wedding in the most adorable way. 

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